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Did you know there are nine different types (species) of giraffes?
Images of the giraffe

A giraffe in South Africa Miroslav Duchacek Licence: GNU v1.2, CC BY 3.0
Southern savannah giraffe near Namutoni, Etosha in Namibia. Hans Hillewaert Licence: CC BY 3.0
Paris, Vincennes. Giraffes. Mathae Licence: GNU v1.2
Giraffes at Al Ain Zoo Balaji Licence: GNU v1.2
Giraffa in Kruger Park, South Africa. KlausF Licence: GNU v1.2
Giraffe in Koure reserve, niger Eric Dane Licence: GNU v1.2
Reticulata in Karlsruhe Zoo, Germany. H. Zell Licence: GNU v1.2
rothschildi Linny Heng, Long Beach, USA Licence: CC BY 2.0
thornicrofti John Walker Licence: Public Domain
Masai Giraffe at Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania Yoky Licence: GNU v1.2
Giraffes in Kenya Viault Licence: GNU v1.2
Juvenile giraffe in Tanzania Zoo Muhammad Mahdi Karim Licence: GNU v1.2
Tribute giraffe from Bengal Shen Du, Ming Dynasty Licence: Public Domain
West African Giraffe peering from an Acacia Tree. Roland H Licence: CC-SA 2.0
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