Scientific Name
Panthera pardus

Common Names
African Leopard


Close Relatives

Leopards are found throughout Africa, however they do not inhabit the Sahara Desert. The Leopard can make a loud deep roar. They are keen hunters, and feed on a wide variety of food sources. They will eat insects, to rodents, to extremely large animals such as a giraffe or buffalo. They are extremely agile, and can climb trees with ease. They will often seek shelter in trees, and use their vantage point to survey their surroundings.


Leopards are a rich yellow in color and covered in dark spots. They are about six or seven feet in length and they weigh an average of 150 pounds.

They hunt alone, and they do it silently. The leopard will hide itself behind plants or amongst tall grass, and silently creep closer to its prey, then hide again. Once they gain a capable distance, they will accelerate and take down their prey.